X-Weave Bird Exclusion Netting

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Haverford X-Weave 40GSM Bird Netting

X-Weave 40GSM Bird Netting

From $55.00
Haverford White / 10m x 5m X-Weave 60GSM Bird Netting

X-Weave 60GSM Bird Netting

From $87.70
Quatra Bird Netting X-Weave 70GSM Bird Netting

X-Weave 70GSM Bird Netting

$682.00From $341.00

A versatile and strong bird netting option, the X-Weave offers bird exclusion with many additional benefits. At 70 Grams Per Square Metre, it is more than double the strength of your average hardware variety netting. The small x-weave pattern gives added protection against hail and smaller pests, whilst still allowing bees a passage of entry. It offers these advantages whilst still maintaining a low wind and shade rating.

Our 70GSM X-Weave mesh is a Diamond Pattern construction (17mm x 17mm), with 2 additional cross weave stitches within each mesh. It is a STRONG and most importantly VERSATILE netting, with its primary applications being:

  • Small Mesh Anti Bird Netting (perfect for excluding smaller birds but still allows bees to enter)
  • Heavy Duty Bird netting for Vineyards / Orchards (70 GSM is near double the weight of your average hardware store variety)
  • Added Hail Protection due to the X-Weave pattern (whilst keeping a very low Shade Percentage)
  • Vegetable Garden Net and Backyard Fruit tree Netting

(Not Permitted for use in Victorian Residential/Backyard settings)

The main advantage of the X-weave design is to allow the mesh size to be reduced for small birds and hail, whilst keeping weight and overall shade creation to a minimum.