Quatra Bird Netting X-Weave 70GSM Bird Netting

X-Weave 70GSM Bird Netting

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Color: White


Size: 5m x 100m

5m x 100m

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X-Weave mesh is a strong and versatile netting perfect for small mesh anti-bird netting, heavy-duty bird netting for vineyards and orchards, hail protection. Its diamond pattern construction features two additional cross-weave stitches within each mesh. UV-treated and it is legal for commercial use in Victoria.

Our 70GSM X-Weave mesh is a Diamond Pattern construction, with 2 additional cross-weave stitches within each mesh. It is a STRONG and most importantly VERSATILE netting, with its primary applications being:

  • Small Mesh Anti Bird Netting (perfect for excluding smaller birds but still allows bees to enter)
  • Heavy Duty Bird netting for Vineyards / Orchards (70 GSM is near double the weight of your average hardware store variety)
  • Added Hail Protection due to the X-Weave pattern (whilst keeping a very low Shade Percentage)

The main benefit of the X-weave design is to allow the mesh size to be reduced for small birds and hail, whilst keeping weight and overall shade creation to a minimum.


  • Colour: Black or White
  • Manufacture: 380D High Density Polyethylene Knotless
  • Mesh Size: 17mm x 17mm (+ additional interior Cross Weaves)
  • (internal spacing between x thread approx. 6mm)
  • GSM (Grams per Sq Metre) : 70
  • UV Treated


  • Small Mesh Anti Bird Netting
  • Heavy Duty Bird netting for Vineyards / Orchards
  • Added Hail Protection due to the X-Weave pattern


New Regulations now apply to the purchase and use of bird netting in the state of Victoria. If you are located in Victoria, please ensure your use of this netting meets the requirements below prior to purchase.

In Victoria, it is prohibited to purchase and use bird netting with an aperture size greater than 5mm x 5mm at full stretch to protect household fruiting plants.

This bird netting IS NOT suitable for “household use” in the state of Victoria.

This bird netting CAN BE legally purchased for commercial use in the state of Victoria. Commercial use includes commercial orchards, vineyards or fruit and vegetable produce businesses. Where the objective of growing the trees or plants is to produce a commercial harvest for sale, with the intent to make a profit, the scale of such an activity should be consistent with other commercial orchards, vineyards or produce businesses.

By purchasing this net in Victoria we understand that you are either a commercial operator OR are using this net for an application not related to Fruit Trees.


Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Christine Lowrey
Rabbit proof vegetable garden

Vegas are now safe inside the bird netting tunnels. Work's a treat.

Lawrence Brown

X-Weave 70GSM Bird Netting

John Pedersen
Saving our fruit.

Perfect anti bird netting. The birds are outside and the growing branches inside.

claudie touvron

Thank you for the prompt delivery on the second net because we didn’t had enough . Very happy with quality on that netting

Heather Pritchard
Bird netting

Haverford is a really easy company to deal with. Their ordering system is simple. Their communication about my order status was excellent. The product arrived on time and looks to be good quality. Now all I need to do is find someone to help me get it over my fruit trees! Thank you.