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Quatra supplies Bird Netting, Hail Netting, Fruit Fly Netting and Shade Cloth throughout Melbourne & Victoria. Our range covers all manner of Agricultural fabrics to deter pests and create shade environments for your property.

New laws have recently been introduced in Victoria regarding the use of Fruit Netting for household use. We have outlined the changes below, and below are also some recent articles and information that could be of interest to you... The main points of note include:

  • Applicable to household use only (commercial growers exempt)
  • Mesh size must be 5mm or less

To see “our” full range of “Wildlife Friendly Netting” that is compliant for Victorian household use please see here:

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Household fruit netting regulations – commenced 1 September 2021

From 1 September 2021, netting used to protect household fruit-trees, vegetable gardens, or other fruiting plants must have a mesh size, of 5mm x 5mm or less at full stretch.

If you use netting to protect your household fruit or vegetable harvest you will need to comply with this new mandatory requirement introduced under Victoria’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Regulations 2019 (POCTA Regulations).

Any existing household fruit netting that does not meet this specification must be replaced with appropriate netting from the 1 September 2021 commencement date.

Don’t forget that old netting, when discarded, can still be an entanglement risk. If you plan to dispose of old netting to landfill it is recommended that you place it into a strong biodegradable bag first.

The regulation applies to both the sale and use of household fruit netting. It does not apply to sale or use of netting in commercial circumstances.

Failure to comply with this regulation could result in a fine under the POCTA Regulations. The maximum penalty for using fruit netting that does not comply or for advertising or offering non-compliant netting for sale for household fruiting plants is 15 penalty units ($2726.10 as at 1 July 2021). Infringements of two penalty units ($363.48) and four penalty units ($726.96), as at 1 July 2021, can also be issued for use, or sale, of non-compliant netting, respectively.

Why has the regulation been introduced?

Fruit on household trees and plants is a tempting treat for hungry wildlife. Netting is a popular way to protect fruit, but inappropriate types of netting can kill or injure animals such as birds, possums or flying foxes.

Netting with a large mesh size is more likely to entangle animals and their struggling can cause deep cuts and strangulation, often leading to death.

Reducing the mesh size of netting will greatly reduce the risk of animal entanglement.

What type of netting should be used?

Netting used on household fruiting trees or plants must have a mesh size of 5mm x 5mm or less at full stretch.

It is also recommended that household netting is:

white in colour, making it easier for nocturnally active animals to see and avoid it at night made from material with a strand diameter thicker than 500 microns, or with a cross-weave design, to also help reduce injuries and fatalities.

The use of appropriate mesh sized netting will support a productive harvest while also protecting our vulnerable wildlife from harm.

What is meant by household netting?

The following guidance has been developed to assist Victorian gardeners and retailers to understand what is generally meant by the use of the term ‘household’ in this context.

Generally, ‘household’ fruit-trees, vegetable gardens, or other fruiting plants are those grown:

at residential premises in an urban or suburban area, or
at residential premises in a semi-rural or rural area, primarily for personal use (even if some excess produce is shared or sold).

‘Household’ fruit-trees, vegetable gardens, or other fruiting plants would not generally include those grown:
at commercial orchards, or
at vineyards, or
for a fruit and/or vegetable produce business, or
where the objective of growing the trees or plants is to produce a commercial harvest for sale, with the intent to make a profit. The scale of such an activity should be consistent with other commercial orchard, vineyard or produce businesses.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) website contains information that will assist people to determine whether their fruit or vegetable growing activities are a hobby or a business. The ATO makes it clear that there is no single factor that determines if a person is in business.

Gardeners’ individual growing arrangements for fruit and vegetable produce will vary, and this guidance does not take into account personal situations. Where appropriate, you should seek independent professional advice.

Protecting wildlife

Remove old netting that is not protecting fruit and dispose of safely. If the chosen method is disposal to landfill it is recommended that you place it into a strong biodegradable bag first.

Check netted trees every day to ensure the nets are not loose and no animals are caught

Wildlife in Victoria are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975, which makes it illegal to willfully disturb or destroy wildlife.


Our Bird, Fruit Fly and Shade netting products are not just limited to rural settings, with our Quatra brand of netting being a regular brand specified into commercial and industrial tender projects. Our 6ply 19mm Commercial Square mesh bird netting can be seen throughout Melbourne and VIC in carparks, under commercial awnings, warehouses, sheds and train stations. We offer a huge range of bird netting sizes up to our largest commercial 6ply roll measuring 100m x 20m. We also continue to develop and innovate in the netting sector, with our Stainless Steel Reinforced Netting designed as a heavy duty blend of both netting and stainless steel wire.

Delivery of our Bird Netting, Fruit Fly Net and Shade Cloth within Melbourne is generally around 1-2  business days. Shipping to rural areas takes approximately 2-3 days. The average shipping cost for orders is in the vicinity of $12 to $26 depending on the size and NSW postcode. Of course we also ship our netting to all parts of Australia.

Our 2000Sq/m netting warehouse is located in Revesby (Sydney, NSW), and you are welcome to call in and see our friendly staff who can show you firsthand the products and assist with bird netting samples and advice. A brand of Haverford Brands Pty Ltd, we have been in business for over 130years and look forward to continued service of quality netting and shade products.