Victorian Safe 5mm Bird Netting

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Haverford X-Weave 40GSM Bird Netting

X-Weave 40GSM Bird Netting

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Haverford White / 10m x 5m X-Weave 60GSM Bird Netting

X-Weave 60GSM Bird Netting

From $87.70
Quatra Bird Netting Cross Weave 70GSM Bird Netting

Cross Weave 70GSM Bird Netting

From $96.00

Laws relating to household use in Victoria (NOT applicable for Commercial growers) Recent new regulations have been introduced in the State of Victoria which affects the sale and purchase off certain styles of bird netting for fruit tree use in households only. The law states that fruit netting for Household use must have a mesh-size of 5 mm x 5 mm or less. Based on this criteria these particular netting are SUITABLE for sale into VIC for personal household use.