Net Attachment Clips

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Quatra Accessories C-Clips Bulk Bag (500 clips)

C-Clips Bulk Bag (500 clips)

Quatra Accessories Hog Ring Clip System

Hog Ring Clip System

From $22.00
Quatra Accessories High Tensile Gun Only Ring Fastener System

Ring Fastener System

From $33.00
Holdfast Accessories Plastic Hooks

Plastic Hooks

Quatra Accessories Heavy Duty Net Clip

Heavy Duty Net Clip

Holdfast Accessories 2mm (to suit 1.8mm Stainless Wire) / Aluminium Aluminium & Copper Crimps

Aluminium & Copper Crimps

From $0.50
Holdfast Accessories Bungee Ball

Bungee Ball

From $1.30

This selection provides a variety of clips that are essential for securely attaching and installing your netting systems, ensuring they stand firm against environmental factors and time.

Our collection includes C-Clips in Large Package, Mini Package, and Bulk Bag, the Hog Ring Clip System, and the Ring Fastener System. These items are designed for robust attachment of your nets, providing a simple yet effective way to secure your netting system, regardless of its size or location.

Additionally, we offer Key-Head Steel Supa Pegs and Plastic Hooks, which provide additional support and strength to your netting system. Our Heavy Duty Net Clip and Carabiner/Snap Hook are ideal for those tougher installation jobs, ensuring your net stays in place even under harsh conditions.

For those looking to secure their nets with precision, our collection also includes Aluminium & Copper Crimps and Deluxe Crimping Pliers. And, to add a touch of convenience to your installation process, we offer Bungee Balls, perfect for quick and easy net attachments.

Installing netting, whether it's for bird exclusion, hail protection, or shade provision, is an effective way to protect your property and crops. The right net attachment clips make the installation process smoother and ensure the durability and effectiveness of your netting system.