Quatra Accessories Heavy Duty Net Clip
Quatra Accessories Heavy Duty Net Clip
Quatra Accessories Heavy Duty Net Clip
Quatra Accessories Heavy Duty Net Clip

Heavy Duty Net Clip


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Introducing the Heavy Duty Net Clip: The Ultimate Solution for Secure Netting. When it comes to ensuring the stability and security of your netting, choosing the right hardware is crucial. Our Heavy Duty Net Clip is designed to meet the needs of a range of applications, providing a firm grip that you can count on.

Product Highlights:

  • Superior Securing Power: These clips are crafted to hold your netting firmly in place, making them suitable for all your net-related needs, from bird netting and insect barrier installations to aquaculture applications.
  • Ease of Movement: With a well-designed shape, these clips allow your nets to slide smoothly along support wires, offering excellent adjustability and ease of net handling, which is particularly beneficial for curtain nets.
  • Strong and Durable Design: The robust construction ensures a permanent fix, so once the net is clipped, you can trust it's there to stay without the worry of unclipping or failing.
  • Compatibility: Whether you're working with wire supports or looking to tighten netting over a frame, the versatility of these clips makes them an ideal choice for discerning customers who want reliable results.

Feedback from users has highlighted the effectiveness of the Heavy Duty Net Clip in a variety of scenarios. While some customers mention that initial clipping may require additional effort, the consensus is clear – once in place, these clips perform exceptionally.

Satisfied reviews often praise the straightforward installation process and the clip's capacity to accommodate additional hardware like a 6mm edge. Users also appreciate the excellent communication and swift delivery service that accompanies their purchase.

For those who demand professional-grade solutions to keep their netting installations tight and tidy, our Heavy Duty Net Clip offers a perfect blend of reliability and functionality.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Hard to clip together. Needed pliers and a fair bit of force. Once connected they do what is intended.

Jeremiah Bates
Strong clip

Clip held great. Only thing I found that it was quite hard to get on and off.

Darin Baldock
heavy duty net clip

great communication and expedited delivery.

the clip is simply and easy to use.

well done

Joshua White
Easy to use

Made putting up the net super easy, enough room to run a 6mm edge through also.

Peter Mackley
Easy to use

These clips made the installation of my practice net really easy