Bird Netting Hardware

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Rope & Twine Rope and Twine 1.8mm x 25m Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Stainless Steel Wire Rope

From $40.00
Quatra Accessories Turnbuckle: Stainless Steel

Turnbuckle: Stainless Steel

From $4.03
Holdfast Accessories Netbolt Eyelet

Netbolt Eyelet

Quatra Accessories Screw Eyelet

Screw Eyelet

Quatra Accessories Multi Surface Eyelet Type 1

Multi Surface Eyelet Type 1

Quatra Accessories Multi Surface Eyelet Type 2

Multi Surface Eyelet Type 2

Quatra Accessories Bolt Eyelet

Bolt Eyelet

Holdfast Accessories 2mm (to suit 1.8mm Stainless Wire) / Aluminium Aluminium & Copper Crimps

Aluminium & Copper Crimps

From $0.50
Quatra Accessories Heavy Duty Net Clip

Heavy Duty Net Clip

Haverford Accessories Eye Plates

Eye Plates

Haverford S Hook Stainless

S Hook Stainless Steel

Haverford Girder Clips

Girder Clips

From $0.81
Haverford Net Spike Eyelet Galvanised

Net Spike Eyelet Galvanised

Quatra Accessories C-Clips Bulk Bag (500 clips)

C-Clips Bulk Bag (500 clips)

Quatra Accessories High Tensile Gun Only Ring Fastener System

Ring Fastener System

From $33.00
Quatra Accessories Hog Ring Clip System

Hog Ring Clip System

From $22.00

This assortment of Bird Netting Hardware is your one-stop-shop for all the essential tools and accessories needed for your DIY bird netting project. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice, these hardware solutions are designed to make your installation process smooth and efficient.

Our products, ranging from Stainless Steel Wire Rope, Turnbuckle, Wire Rope Grip, to various types of eyelets and crimps, are not just add-ons, but vital components that ensure the strength and stability of your bird netting system. With our Carabiner / Snap Hook, Heavy Duty Net Clip, Eye Plates, S Hook Stainless, and Girder Clips, you'll find assembling your bird netting system a breeze.

Installing bird netting is a great move to protect your plants and crops. It acts as a barrier against birds and other wildlife, preventing them from feasting on your garden or agricultural produce. This not only saves your efforts and resources but also contributes to a healthier and more productive yield.