40mm to 75mm Large Species Aquaculture & Pool Bird Exclusion Netting

Quatra supplies a range of highly specific large mesh bird netting. These nets have specific applications that serve the primary purposes of:
  • Excluding larger pest birds from property, such as Pigeons and Seagulls (40mm or 50mm Squares)
  • Excluding Ducks from residential pools (60mm)
  • Excluding larger predator birds from Commercial Aquaculture Farms and Residential Ponds (40mm, 60mm or 75mm)


These nets are of a square mesh knotted design, and are manufactured  to provide the following benefits in these applications:
  • Being square mesh, they are simple to work with and cut to shape without fraying
  • Offer excellent strength to weight ratio. Ensuring you can have a strong net that can span a large area (without excess weight causing the net to sag)
  • Offers strength without compromising visibility. They are difficult to see from a distance.
  • Offers effective exclusion at a reasonable price (where more expensive smaller mesh nets are not required.