70GSM Crossweave Hail Protection Netting

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Quatra Bird Netting Cross Weave 70GSM  Hail Protection

Cross Weave 70GSM Hail Protection

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A wildlife friendly option, this netting offers excellent protection against smaller pests AND hail damage. At 70GSM, it is a strong material, however keep in mind this construction will provide 25% shade coverage and a slightly increased wind rating. It is most commonly used where hail and small pests are the primary concern, however keep in mind it results in a difficult through passage for bees.

Key Features: 

  • A wildlife Friendly option (Low risk to Bats / Birds). This net complies with new regulations recently introduced relating to Fruit tree and Vege Garden netting in Victorian residential households. Regardless of if you are in Victoria however, it is also a socially responsible choice of netting in relation to wildlife.
  • The small cross weave Mesh design keeps small birds and other pests out of your Fruit/Vege environment. Our Cross-Weave mesh features a series of "primary" mesh rows, with additional cross weave stitches throughout. The benefit of the cross-weave design is to allow the mesh size to be reduced, whilst keeping weight and overall shade creation to a minimum.
  • Low Shade creation (25%) with a substantial and high-quality GSM of 70
  • Hail Protection netting significantly reduces the potential damage due to hail.
  • This netting features a REINFORCED 40mm edging along the long sides of the net.
  • The crossweave pattern (as opposed to diamond), makes it very simple to work with.

This netting is primarily used for large expansive coverings wanting a small mesh size OR for residential backyard fruit trees and vege gardens. A good allrounder, being socially responsible, low shade, high GSM and small mesh size to keep out smaller birds and selected other pests.


  • Orchard and Vineyard netting
  • Vegetable Gardens & Backyard Fruit tree net (permitted for use in VIC)
  • Hail protection netting

    Socially responsible wildlife choice of netting.