19mm 9Ply Heavy Duty Bird Netting

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At 19mm square, this is a heavier duty version of the standard 6ply commercial bird netting. Boasting 9 strands (instead of 6), it is commonly used in scenarios where there are aggressive birds or “other” animals accessing the netting. The fact that it is square mesh design makes it perfect for commercial properties, awnings and permanent structures over orchards and vegetable gardens. This net is a great choice when you have aggressive birds, are looking for a simple installation that looks great, and want something that will last the test of time. It is also the most common netting used for Cat containment and exclusion.

The mesh size of 19mm x 19mm excludes almost all birds, and the twisted (w/- heat set knots) HDPE material of 84GSM is made to stand up to the harsh Australian environment.

This netting is simple and efficient to work with. Being a square mesh design, it can significantly reduce installation times and labour costs. This netting won't pull or stretch in either direction, which allows for precise installations in warehouses and factories.

Our Quatra branded 9ply HDPE square Mesh Knotted net is a leading product for specification into tenders and construction designs throughout Australia and New Zealand. As testament to the reliability and quality, this netting is the selected product of over 25 prominent professional Bird Proofing Installers, resellers and organisations throughout Australia.

Key Features and Applications:

  • Warehouse / Factory Bird Control (Ideal for Sparrow sized birds and larger)
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Bird Netting Application
  • Building rooftop stone access prevention for birds
  • Domestic Sheds and Verandah bird control netting
  • Permanent Commercial Installation for Orchard / Vineyard / Vege Bird Protection  * Excellent choice when you are looking to gain a competitive advantage by providing a unique product for your client

    Accelerated UV Testing Results confirming: 

    • 10 years Equivalent to outdoor Exposure: 93% Strength maintained (6.6% loss)

    (IS 16008: Part2)